What the Water Gives

A reinvention of the classic Alice in Wonderland.

Charlotte Penn is a twenty-year-old university student and part-time barista with her whole life ahead of her. Lately, however, she has felt that something is missing in her life, and yet can’t figure out what that something was. Until she falls headfirst into everything.

Work in progress. Potential NaNoWriMo. Planned, but unwritten.

  • 1 Ace of Clubs
  • 2 Ten of Spades
  • 3 Four Jacks
  • 4 Six of Hearts
  • 5 Six of Spades
  • 6 Eight of Diamonds and Court Cards
  • 7 Ace of Spades
  • 8 Ten of Diamonds and Eight of Clubs
  • 9 Three Twos
  • 10 Two Queens
  • 11 Two Sevens
  • 12 Four Sixes
  • 13 Two Threes
  • 14 King of Spades
  • 15 Six of Diamonds
  • 16 Six of Clubs
  • 17 Four Fives

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