Welcome. Welcome to an insider’s take on the Gifted IB program.
Now, the majority of you Americans who have your silly, nationalistic AP program have probably never heard of “IB” before. I stand figuratively in front of you to tell you exactly what it is like to be an IB student.

First of all, what is IB?
IB is short for “International Baccalaureate”, an international program that allows students to challenge themselves and earn potential¬†universal recognition as an IB student with a big, shiny IB diploma. Basically, it is a program for international students to one up American students in their quests to be admitted into the top schools in America. It is also a program for American students to one up international students in their quests to be admitted into the top foreign schools in the world. It is also much harder than AP, as it is based less on regurgitating information and more on the ability to apply and reason out concepts.

Normally, you’d start in your eleventh year of formal schooling and finish in your twelfth.
Key word here is normally. Unfortunately, to cater to the smart 20% of students who continue onto high school from gifted middle or junior high school in hopes of being able to slack off, my school has started the “Gifted High School” program, the extension of gifted middle school. It’s exactly the same thing as starting sophomore year in freshman year. On the bright side, we also start IB one year early and have our diplomas by the end of junior year.

Welcome to Hell for the next two years.
Follow the gifted class of 2015 as we trudge, skip, and fly through TOK, HLs, and SLs; lose every drop of social life and sleep we (n)ever had; procrastinate through portfolios and BS essays; and find comfort in the fact that over the mountain of homework awaiting our 0.5mm mechanical pencils and black, standard-issue Papermate pens is a horrid case of Senioritis. This is not, in any way, an official authorized account and will probably be heavily biased and full of complaints, profanity, and internet memes. Posts are all collected here.

Some sample posts are HERE.


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