64 of 183

Day 64—Getting Locked in a Closet

“There is really something oddly nostalgic about this,” Nikolas mused, once again stuck in a closet in the dark with Leonard. This time, however, he was curled up in Leonard’s embrace listening to the thundering footsteps of the girls from NIBHS’s sister school Tilapia High School. Honestly, whose bright idea was it to host the cheerleading area competition at NIBHS?

Luckily, Sue still hadn’t returned the janitor’s key and had thrown it to them when she saw them sprinting away from quite a large number of girls. Now they were stuck in the old closet, in the dark, waiting out the overenthusiastic searching of the cheerleaders.

“Which part? The running-from-girls part or getting-stuck-in-a-closet part?” Leonard half-joked.

“Um, both, really.” Nikolas buried his face in the crook where Leonard’s neck met his shoulder. “How long do you think we’ll be stuck in here?”

“A while,” Leonard responded. “Or, until the girls get tired from searching and decide to stop.”

Nikolas hummed in contentment. “Oh. Well then. I suppose we should keep ourselves occupied.”

Leonard’s hands automatically travelled underneath Nikolas’ shirt to his navel, toying with the piercing. “I know what game we should play to keep ourselves occupied,” he said mischievously, grinning in the dark.

“No,” Nikolas said sharply, tugging Leonard’s hands away. “I am not having sex in a closet.”

Leonard snorted. “Hey! I wasn’t even thinking about that game,” he said, putting his hands up defensively. “You’re the one who jumped right to it. But, you know, if you want to…”

Nikolas felt his face grow hot. “Shut up!”

It was another hour before the cheerleaders had finally stopped searching. In that hour, Leonard had done his best to coax Nikolas into making out with him and then tried to push it further, only to be blocked by Nikolas’ adamancy at not doing it in a janitorial closet. Then they played the Mayor’s Cat game.

“I think they’re gone,” Nikolas whispered, watching the yellowish strip of light that crept in from the crack in the door. “We can leave now.”

“Sweet,” Leonard said. He scrambled up and helped Nikolas up, only to pull him closer to his body. “Are you sure you don’t want to do it in a closet? Think of all the kinky possibilities.” He winked, even though Nikolas couldn’t see it. Nikolas rapped him sharply on the head and unwrapped himself from Leonard’s embrace.

“I’m very sure,” Nikolas said emphatically. He turned around and grabbed the handle on the door. Or, he tried to find the handle. He scrabbled around the door for a few minutes, looking fruitlessly for the handle. “Lenny?”

“We’re trapped in here, aren’t we?” Leonard asked, stony faced. “Well. Life sucks.” He sat back down on the ground, having decided to get comfortable as long as he was trapped in the closet.

“Do you have your cell phone on you?” Nikolas asked, joining him on the ground.

“Yeah.” He pulled it out of his pocket. “I’ll text Sadie.”

Sadie got Sue’s key and she let them out when class was over, with a rather conspiratorial glitter in her eye. “So, closet?” she asked, barely concealing her laughter. “Why a closet of all places?”

“I didn’t have my fancy pocketknife on me today,” Leonard answered morosely. “So, closet.”

“Did you do anything?”
“We played a game.”

“Oohh, I see. A game.” She laughed and winked. “A game.”

            Nikolas and Leonard refused to meet her eyes, looking anywhere but her smiling, suggestive face.


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