63 of 183

Day 63—Avoiding Each Other

            They hadn’t talked to each other all day. In fact, both Nikolas and Leonard were getting progressively more and more frantic about what they were going to get the other, and their friends could only watch in helpless amusement.

“What if you—“ Rachel tried with Leonard, only to be interrupted.

“I really don’t think it’ll work,” he said.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” Rachel said, plowing on. “Why don’t you just go out and get Nikki a—an—I dunno, a set of chalk pastels and hairspray or something? He’d love you forever.”

Leonard paused in his brain wracking. “Rachel,” he said slowly.


“You’re brilliant. I’d kiss you if I weren’t in a relationship with one of your best friends.”

“All in a day’s good work, my friend. All in a day’s good work.”

“Right, but why hairspray?”

“Google it,” Rachel sighed. “Artistic uses of hairspray.”

“Henna!” Nikki said frustrated by his lack of inspiration. He was stroking Moonshine while lying belly down on the ground. “What do I get Lenny? I can’t think of anything…”

“You mean, short of parading around in a mid-riff baring sweater so that he can stare all he wants at that belly piercing of yours?” Henna asked, not looking up from her book on blood-typing.


“Just get him an iTunes gift card and promise to help him dig through all of the fan mail that’s bound to swamp him over the holidays. He’ll love you forever.”

Nikolas stopped playing with Moonshine and sat up. “Henna, you are my goddess,” he swore, worship and mirth sparkling in his eyes. “I will always love you.”

“Shh, don’t let Garrick or Leonard find out,” she said with a cheerful smile. “Somehow I don’t think Leonard would be too happy if he heard you say that.”

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