62 of 183

[A/N: Don’t mind me, I’m just out of touch and feeling sappy.]

Day 62—Mistletoe Kiss

            Everyone was crowded in Henna’s apartment, decorating early for Christmas. It wasn’t until Leonard had pulled out a bushel of mistletoe that everything began getting a little frisky.

“Come on,” Leonard coaxed Nikolas. “It’s the rules.”

“Absolutely not,” Nikolas said firmly. “I don’t even believe in these so-called ‘rules’.”

“Oh come on,” Adelaide said exasperatedly. “Don’t be such a party pooper, Nikki!”

“Says you, who’s never kissed her boyfriend!” Nikolas retorted.

“Don’t be so sure,” Adelaide winked cheekily. “I believe we’re also standing underneath some mistletoe.” She and everyone looked up at a spot over her head, where mistletoe was indeed hanging discreetly.

Nikolas rolled his eyes. “Okay, fine. You win this one. If you kiss him, I’ll kiss him.” He motioned towards Leonard.

“Now that’s cold,” Theo commented from his safe perch on the couch, Sara sitting beside him.

Nikolas rolled his eyes again and pulled his boyfriend down by the neck, intending to peck him briefly on the lips. Due to the overenthusiastic nature of Leonard, however, it ended up turning much longer and much more intense than it should have and would have under normal circumstances, which led to the catcalls and jeers of everyone else in the room.

They pulled apart and caught the identical grins on Adelaide’s and Eric’s faces.

“I think we’ve been duped,” Nikolas commented lightly.

Sadie shook her head with a smile. “No, they held onto their end of the bargain. Don’t worry.”

Leonard laughed and pulled Nikolas in for another kiss.

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