61 of 183

Day 61—Lenny’s Attic

They were back at Leonard’s aunt and uncle’s house, but were hiding upstairs in the attic, which was surprisingly clean and clutter-free. It looked like any other room in the house, minus the fact that the doorway was a hole in the ground and the only way up was by a staircase that was hidden behind a door.

The room was filled with random articles of old things: sturdy coffee tables that belonged in an antique furniture store, overstuffed armchairs with huge rips torn into the sides, baby toys and a greying crib, boxes and boxes of decorations and old clothes.

“You know what this reminds me of?” Nikolas asked Leonard, curling up against his body.

“No. What?”

“A bit from an old Leonard Cohen song.”

“Who’s that?”

“An old guy with a voice that’s like a cat’s tongue.”

“How so?”

“Here,” Nikolas said, pulling his old MP3 out of his pocket. “Listen.”

Leonard put an ear bud in his ear and Nikolas put the other in his own ear, scrolling through the songs on the little screen. There was a beep and suddenly, Leonard’s ear was assaulted by a short introduction, reminiscent of old mornings. Then the three four time beat sounded and he was lost in a world of imagination.

There’s an attic where children are playing

                        Where I’ve got to lie down with you soon

                        In a dream of Hungarian lanterns

                        In the mist of some sweet afternoon

                        And I’ll see what you’ve chained to your sorrow

                        All your sheep and your lilies of snow…

“You like it?” Nikolas asked, looking up at Leonard.

“You know this is a song about sex, right?” he asked in response.

“Yeah, but it has more class,” Nikolas said serenely, adjusting his body so that he was more comfortable. He scrolled to the next song. “I like this one almost as much,” he said, starting the track to “Dance Me to the End of Love”. Leonard couldn’t help but kiss his boyfriend on the top of his head.

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