60 of 183

Day 60—Shopping For Christmas Presents

            For Nikolas, shopping for Christmas presents was probably the most awkward time of the year for him. He hated walking into girls’ stores and buying random crap and jewelry. The cashiers always looked at him oddly, even if they tried to hide it behind their professionalism. Sometimes he felt like snarling, “What? Have you really never seen a guy try to by girly things for his girly friends?”

It was easy with Garrick—he could always just buy him a book full of random facts or trivia or riddles and he would be set for a year, or until his birthday.

He’d bought Adelaide a puzzle with a thousand pieces, thinking that she’d enjoy the intellectual challenge and fingerless gloves, and he’d bought Sue a brightly patterned warm scarf and made a little painting of a nightingale for her.

He’d bought cheap jewelry—earrings and bracelets and other accessories for Rachel and Sadie and his sisters like he always did. Then he figured that he should throw Sara into that bunch, but decided against putting Henna in that same group. He got her bath salts instead.

For Theo, he’d figured that he would enjoy a rather risqué magazine, which was possibly the most awkward five minutes of his life (he decided within that five minutes to either shoot himself or tell the cashier that it was a gag joke for a friend of his).

For his parents, he’d gotten a new toaster, as they’d been complaining for a while that their old one wasn’t producing satisfactorily crunchy toast anymore.

Then there was Leonard, who honestly didn’t seem to need anything. Nikolas frowned at his list of people. Everything was crossed out, except for Leonard. He sighed tiredly. He’d have to think about this later.

For Leonard, Christmas present shopping was probably the most difficult time of the year. Being a world renowned rock start didn’t help. So, to help with that identity problem, he’d developed a system of disguise that involved a baseball cap and decided sloppy overall appearance consisting of sweatpants, beat-up sneakers and four days’ worth of stubble.

So, with mild looks of disgust from the cashiers, he’d managed to get Sara and Henna both aromatherapy lotion sets from Bath and Body Works and gotten Theo a bottle of men’s cologne. After a moment of thinking, he included a couple more lotion sets for Sadie and Rachel. Then he’d gotten Garrick a book on university-level physics and Sue a fantasy anthology, plus a pair of fuzzy socks for the heck of it.

He’d gotten his aunt and uncle and parents both tea baskets, knowing that both sets of guardians had an unhealthy obsession for tea, which was probably where his tendency for going after tea-drinkers came from.

For Adelaide, he’d gotten a t-shirt from Hot Topic and a necklace that was made entirely out of watch parts, thinking that she’d like the innovation of the design.

Then he looked down his list and realized that the only person left on the list was Nikolas. And he had no idea what to get him.

In the past, he’d always written and performed a song for his current lover if they made it to one of the milestone dates—Christmas. Valentine’s Day. A birthday. New Year’s. An Anniversary. He had a feeling that his darling Nikki wouldn’t quite appreciate the sentiment behind the song, however.

He sighed. This was going to be much more difficult than he thought it would be.

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