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Day 59—Snow

            As it turned out, Henna’s prediction (and the weather man’s by extension) had been true. It had started snowing that afternoon during class, and, ever the irrepressible students, most of the student body of Norman Irving Ballington High School had either crammed itself around the windows to watch the delicate white flakes float down from the sky and stick like fine sugar to the tree branches, or blatantly run out, much to the teachers’ annoyance and amusement.

Among the students were Sadie and Rachel, who has successfully managed to drag Nikolas out with them and had now proceeded to spin him around in the cold air until he was dizzy and his cheeks were flushed from the cold. Leonard ran out, eager to join the three and swept Rachel up in the air, making her shriek in surprise.

“Jesus Christ, Leonard! Put me down!”

Leonard complied, only to hook an arm around Nikolas’ neck and sing loudly and exaggeratedly,

I’m dreeeeaming of a whiiiite Christmas,

                        Just like the ones I uuuused to knoooooow.

                        Where the treeeetops glisten and the chiiildren listen

                        To hear the sleigh bells in the snooooooow”

            Laughing, Nikolas disengaged Leonard’s arm from the chokehold from around his neck. “Oh come on, Lenny! You know it’ll be at least a cold Christmas.”

Leonard smiled lecherously, hooking an arm around Nikolas’ waist. “And I know just the thing to keep me warm,” he said, leering playfully at him. Nikolas pushed him away.

“Shut up,” he said, blushing hotly.

The students spent another few minutes spinning dizzily outside until the principal ushered them all back inside with the help of the assistant principals.

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