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Day 58—Antique Sandwich Stores

“Where are we going?” Sara asked, attempting to huddle even deeper into her winter coat. “It’s freezing.”

“I smell snow in the air!” Henna sang.

They were following Nikolas and Sue, who had apparently found a very nice restaurant that sold sandwiches and hot soup. Leonard trailed along, amused by his friends’ chatter.

“We’re here!” Sue announced, standing by an almost imperceptible store that was sandwiched between two high-rise buildings. It was short and discreet, which made it easy to miss, despite its bright yellow and orange color scheme. A chalkboard announced the daily specials. “Welcome to the Porkbelly!”

Theo snorted. “What kind of name is ‘Porkbelly’?” he asked derisively.

Sue shrugged. “I dunno. They make really good food, though.” She pushed the door open with a jingle and Nikolas followed her in, Sara, Henna, Leonard and Theo following after them.

“I have to say, this place is really kind of homey,” Sara commented.

“I knew you’d like it,” Sue said happily. They got in line and examined the menu.

The store was a little cramped, but it was brightly lit by large windows that faced the street. People sat around small tables, or stood around counters, eating their sandwiches and soups. There was a man in the corner, playing covers of popular songs on his guitar. A jar stood open next to him, already filled slightly with tips.

They placed and paid for their sandwiches and claimed one of the larger tables, chattering happily about the weather.

“Henna, how can you smell snow in the air?” Leonard asked through a bite of his BLT sandwich.

Henna paused for a minute, chewing thoughtfully on her salad. “Well, I don’t smell snow, per se, but I can feel the cold in the air. Plus, it feels crisper than normal. I’m pretty sure we’ll have snow within the next couple of days.”

Sara checked her phone. “Well,” she said, “the weather report says it’s going to snow, so there’s really no reason to doubt them.”

“When has the weather report ever been right, though?” Theo asked.

“Not very often,” Nikolas agreed. “But Henna is usually pretty reliable.”

Henna smiled demurely. “If I wasn’t in ARMOUR, I think I would have liked being a weather person.”

“I can imagine that,” Sue said. “But I want snow tomorrow. Even if it’s just a sprinkle.”


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