54 of 183

Day 54—Friends Intervene

                        Chat Room #2

            QuizCarrot has logged on.

            flowergirl has logged on.

            MickeyStoralis has logged on.

            hennac has logged on.

            flowergirl: Nothing is working!!!!! ><

            hennac: love makes you blind.

            MickeyStoralis: Will u PLZ stop saying that?

            MickeyStoralis: It’s getting irritating.

            hennac: only because it’s true.

            QuizCarrot: then we go to back-up plan no.2

            flowergirl: the closet?

            QuizCarrot: exactly.

            MickeyStoralis: u kno what I just noticed?

            hennac: they’re coming out of the closet?

            QuizCarrot: that’s…

            flowergirl: really lame.

            MickeyStoralis: shut up. It sounded better in my head.

            hennac has logged out.

flowergirl has logged out.

            MickeyStoralis has logged out.

            Quizcarrot has logged out.

It was hurried, sloppy planning through texts and private messages and quick conversations in between classes. If Adelaide had been forced to describe it, she would have said it looked like a plate of Chinese food—sloppily made, but functional.

The plan went into action the next day, rickety and threatening to collapse if one thing went awry, but flexible enough to adjust and work out in the end. That’s what the frying pan was for, anyway.

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