53 of 183

[A/N: Short chapters mean more chapters :3]

Day 53—Friends Drop Hints

            To say that Leonard and Nikolas were oblivious would have been an understatement. Whenever Leonard would ask a question, his friends would always redirect him with an “I don’t know, ask Nikki.” Whenever Nikolas needed a partner, they always made sure it was Leonard. Theo would always reference his more sexual jokes to Nikolas, and Leonard would laugh, albeit slightly uncomfortably, but he would never have that private dawn of recognition on his face. Sara would always nudge Nikolas and obscurely reference something of Leonard that something reminded her of. Adelaide, who had filled Sue in about their plans, and Sue gave Leonard a bag of cookies and told him that the cookies were for Nikolas, with a secretive wink.

Once, on an ever increasing moment when they were alone, sitting together under the tree that faced Nikolas’ mural, Leonard twisted his torso so that he sort of faced Nikolas.

“Okay,” he admitted. “I’ve been noticing that our friends have been acting really weird recently.”

“You mean, weirder than normal?” Nikolas asked, scrunching his forehead in a frown.

“Yeah,” Leonard said. “It’s like they’re hiding something, or planning something.”

“Oh.” Nikolas tilted his head and stopped frowning. “If Rachel’s involved, they most certainly are. I can’t remember a day when Rachel wasn’t plotting something.”

“So, it’s normal, then?” Leonard asked.

Nikolas shrugged. “I wouldn’t worry about it.”

They turned back to the mural, lost in their own decidedly wistful thoughts about the young man sitting next to him.

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