52 of 183

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Day 52—Friends Converge

            Chat Room #27

            QuizCarrot has logged on.

            hennac has logged on.

            A_Violin has logged on.

            QuizCarrot: Hey guys.

            hennac: Hi

            A_Violin: ‘QuizCarrot’?

            QuizCarrot: Shut up. It was quick.

            A_Violin: Sure.

            Espara has logged on.

            hennac: Hi Sara!

            Espara: 🙂

            Espara: So, y are we all here today>
Espara: ?*

            QuizCarrot: Because we all know that N and L love each other very much

            MickeyStoralis has logged on.

A_Violin: -nods in agreement-

MickeyStoralis: y r we nodding>

hennac: N + L looooove each other.

QuizCarrot: But they won’t say anything about it.

MickeyStoralis: u mean u culdnt have said it 2 my face? Y the chatroom?

QuizCarrot: Because it’s easier than finding a time when they are both gone and we can gossip like old fishwives in peace.

A_Violin: I resent that fishwives comment.

A_Violin: But yeah. I think we need to have a plan on how to get them together.

hennac: How?

A_Violin: I dunno. Drop hints?

Espara: That could work, actually.

MickeyStoralis: Yeah. Except that it might not work—they’re kind of perceptive.

hennac: Love makes you blind.

QuizCarrot: Theoretically, it should work. But

QuizCarrot: I’m basing this off of movies so

QuizCarrot: it might not work.

QuizCarrot: I dunno.

Espara: Im dropping hints. Unless we come up with a better palm.

Espara: plan*

A_Violin: What about shoving them in a closet and locking the door?

A_Violin: we don’t let them out until they pour their feelings out to each other.

hennac: How many closets are there that lock from the outside?

A_Violin: not many.

MickeyStoralis: School closets.

hennac: ew

Espara: ew

QuizCarrot: ew

A_Violin: What’s the attraction of being in the dark, surrounded by cleaning products? It sounds rather disgusting, actually.

MickeyStoralis: The attraction is b/w 2 ppl. Not 2 the environment .

MickeyStoralis: Besides, it only has 2b4 a minute.

hennac: I’d rather just drop hints, really. Much better and less awkward.

A_Violin: I like the discretion

QuizCarrot: me too

Espara: I kind of already decided.

MickeyStoralis: -rolls eyes- fine.

MickeyStoralis has logged out.

Espara has logged out.

hennac: What happens if it doesn’t work?

A_Violin: then we make up a new plan 🙂

hennac: oh. Ok.

hennac had logged out.

A_Violin: omg omg omg omg—it’s not going to work!!!
QuizCarrot: Calm down, Adelaide. It’ll work, don’t worry. And if it doesn’t, then we’ll worry about that afterwords.

QuizCarrot: afterwards*

QuizCarrot has logged out.

A_Violin: …

A_Violin has logged out.

Chat Room #32

            LittleGirl4ever has logged on.

            flowergirl has logged on.

            MickeyStoralis has logged on.

            Espara has logged on.

            QuizCarrot has logged on.

            LittleGirl4ever: So guys, what’s the plan?

            MickeyStoralis: we’re droppin hints.

            Espara: and if that doesn’t work, we lock them in a janitorial closet.

            flowergirl: Cool story, brah.

            flowergirl: what are the odds that this will actually work?

QuizCarrot: I dunno. About fifty-fifty, I’m guessing. It’ll either work and we’ll have a happy couple on our hands to add to the plethora of happy couples we already have, or it fail miserably and they’ll be mad at us forever.

QuizCarrot: actually, if they’re mad at us forever, it heightens the chance of them actually getting together.

QuizCarrot: so the odds are pretty high.

LittleGirl4ever: I bet you ten bucks that they won’t get together according to plan.

MickeyStoralis: I bet you they will.

Espara: I’m not that stupid, but I bet that Leonard won’t have to ask.

LittleGirl4ever: The bets are ON!

flowergirl: and I shall sit here and smh.

QuizCarrot: I bet you that Nikki will say yes.

LittleGirl4ever: I bet you that he won’t say anything.

QuizCarrot: You’re on.

flowergirl: say goodbye to ur money, bitches

flowergirl: too late to back out now!

flowergirl has logged out.

LittleGirl4ever: Fine. BE SAFE. Don’t bet against me. –rolls eyes-

LittleGirl4ever has logged out.

MickeyStoralis: I think we’ve just been screwed over.

QuizCarrot: Nah. I know Nikki too well.

MickeyStoralis: I still think we’ve been screwed over.

MickeyStoralis has logged out.

Espara: gtg . Bye Garrick.

QuizCarrot: bye.

Espara has logged out.

             QuizCarrot has logged out.

Chat Room #17

            hennac has logged on.

            LittleGirl4ever has logged on.

            hennac: Hey, Rachel!

            LittleGirl4ever: hey.

            hennac: d’you and your friends want to come over to the apartment on the weekend?

            LittleGirl4ever: sure. I’ll go tell them.

            LittleGirl4ever has logged out.

            hennac: Backup plan no.2 is now in effect. Heh.

            hennac: I will see Nikki and Lenny together, no matter what.

            hennac: I sound like a creep right now.

            hennac: talking to myself…

            Mr.Smiley has logged on.

            Mr. Smiley: Hey there 😉

            hennac has logged out.

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