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Day 51—Nikki has Artblock

Leonard made good on his decision. The next day, after school, he walked to the back of the school, where the weight room was. He circled the room, stopping only when he saw the infamous mural. He stared at his for a minute and turned around to look for somewhere to sit so that he could stare in comfort. He hadn’t expected to see Nikolas already nestled underneath the tree, studying the mural himself.

“Whoa! Didn’t expect to see you here,” Leonard commented. He sat down next to Nikolas, almost too close, thanks to the tree roots. “You know, the general public is right. It is kind of trippy,” he admitted.

“I know,” Nikolas said simply. “I painted it.”

“Right,” Leonard amended.

They sat in silence for a while, eyes tracing the delicate lines of Nikolas’ junior year masterpiece.

“You know,” Nikolas said, starting to fill the gap of silence, “whenever I lose the inspiration to draw, I come here and plan out what I want to do with this mural as a senior.”

“Really?” Leonard said. “All I do is go take a walk. It helps.”

“I know.” Nikolas leaned comfortably into Leonard’s shoulder. “I do it, too.”

Leonard and Nikolas sat in companionable silence, Leonard inhaling the gentle scent of Nikolas’ hair as they traced the fill of the colors on the wall.

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