49 of 183

Day 49—The Morning After

            Nikolas woke up, lying uncomfortably on top of a body on the couch of an unfamiliar apartment. He tried rolling over to get off the body he was laying on, and ended up falling off the couch. “Oww,” he complained loudly from the ground. He looked up at the body on the couch and realized that it was Leonard that he had been laying on. Then he realized that his legs were getting extremely heavy and uncomfortable, and he remembered why he never wore these bondage pants unless his mother had forgotten to do the laundry for more than two weeks. Well, that, and he fell asleep in his rarely-worn punk boots.

“Uurgh,” he groaned inarticulately. He desperately wanted out these pants. He hated them. And he was uncomfortable from sleeping in his day clothes. His neck felt funny, he suddenly realized, fingers flying up to his throat.

“Oh,” he said out loud. He reached backwards and undid the clasp, sighing at the relief of losing the weight on his neck. He decided that he would take his earrings out as well, reaching up and pulling the pins out of his ears. He put all the jewelry on the coffee table beside the couch and ran a hand through his hair. Sometime in the night, he had lost his hair tie, he realized. He reached down and undid the clasps on his boots, sliding his feet out to give them some air. Then he reached up and prodded Leonard rather viciously in the stomach to wake him up.

“Heey,” Leonard complained, rolling on his side and rubbing his stomach. “What was that for?”

“Can I borrow some pants?” Nikolas asked.

Leonard rubbed his face and looked blearily at Nikolas. “How ‘bout I just take you home?”


Sara walked in, looking somewhat alert, a coffee in her hand. “Hey guys,” she greeted them. “I see you’re awake now.”

“Yeah,” Leonard grumbled. “How did we end up sleeping on the same couch again?” He directed this question at Nikolas, who shrugged.

“You guys were so tired, you just fell on the couch, or something, I guess,” Sara conjectured. “I don’t know. It was cute, though, seeing Nikolas kind of curled up against you.”

Nikolas and Leonard looked at each and groaned. As much as Halloween was fun, they really didn’t want to be remembered as the two who made the most memorable (meaning, awkward) memory out of all the memories they could have created.

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