47 of 183

Day 47—Shopping for Candy

            The day before Halloween, it was an even rarer clear, blue-sky day. Nikolas, Leonard, Adelaide, Henna and Garrick had gone shopping for Halloween candy. Garrick had his hand loosely intertwined in Henna’s, and Adelaide had trouble keeping the ridiculous smile off her face.

“You guys are too cute,” she said when Garrick asked her why she was so happy. She clapped her hands together, the sound muffled by the fingerless gloves she had on. “It’s intoxicating.”

Nikolas snorted. “If you’re intoxicated by their love, I’d hate to see what you’d be like on crack.”

Adelaide stuck her tongue immaturely out at Nikolas. “You shut up and enjoy the love.”

“It’s a little early for Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?” Leonard asked with a wry smile.

“But it’s never too early for candy!” Adelaide countered. “Valentine’s day and Halloween and holidays have no meaning anyway. They’ve been so commercialized that what little meaning they’ve had has long since disappeared.”

“That’s true,” Garrick agreed. “But, the children seem to enjoy it, so I guess there’s still meaning.” The group turned down the candy aisle and stared at all of the various kinds of special Halloween candy.

“What kind of candy should we get?” Leonard asked, eyeing the bag of chocolate and orange flavored Kit Kats rather critically. “That looks disgusting.”

Nikolas shrugged. “I don’t think it really matters,” he said, tilting his head back to look at the top shelf sweets, finger running over the bumps of his earrings.

“Whoa, nice earrings,” Adelaide commented with a smirk. “You’ve replaced the hoops with bats.”

Nikolas’ hand shot back up to feel the shape of where he’d put the bats. “Oh. Yeah. For the festivities, you know?”

“What are you going to be for Halloween?” Leonard asked, suddenly, studying a bag of Hershey’s Chocolates.

“I don’t know yet,” Nikolas admitted. “But, if you guys want to go to Hot Topic, or something, I can see what I can find.”

Adelaide rolled her eyes. “Just be a Ravenclaw,” she said, pulling on her own Slytherin shirt. “I’m going to cosplay.”

“As what?” Garrick asked, weighing a bag of Reese’s Cups in his hand. “I’m just going to be Percy Weasley.”

“Kotobuki, from Tsubasa: Those with Wings,” Adelaide said happily.

Hot,” Nikolas commented.

“You know what you should be?” Henna asked suddenly. “You should be a vampire.”

“What?” Leonard had a sudden vision of a very sexy black-clad Nikolas with vampire fangs.

Adelaide looked at Nikolas. She squinted. “I could see that,” she admitted. “Have you ever been a vampire before?”

Nikolas thought back to his past years. “No,” he admitted. “Last year I remember being a stereotypical emo kid. You know. Bondage pants, arm bands, greasy-looking flip-y hair and a ton of black eyeliner.”

Adelaide and Henna shuddered.

“That sounds awful,” Henna said.

“It looked awful,” Adelaide agreed. “I had nightmares of that for days.”

“I disagree,” Garrick said mildly. “I thought it was really interesting.”

“Yeah, well, I had make-up caked to my eyelids for days, thanks to that little endeavor.” Nikolas rubbed at his eye. “In fact, I think I still have a little bit stuck in my eyelashes somewhere. But you’ve got to admit, the pants were really hot.”

“Is it settled then? Nikki is going to be a vampire,” Leonard said. “I’m going to be a hipster.”

Nikolas snorted. “How is that any different from ninety percent of what you and ten million people wear? You are in Seattle, home of hipsters, for God’s sake.”

“Then I’ll be a pirate or a cowboy or a banana or something,” Leonard amended. “I’m flexible. I have all of those in my closet already, anyway.”

Leonard chose the Reese’s Cups and Nikolas decided on Jolly Ranchers. Adelaide took the Hershey’s chocolates. The group moved to the check-out line, still discussing costumes.

“Would you guys think it’s weird that I want to be a fairy for Halloween?” Henna asked suddenly.             “Not really,” Adelaide said at the same time Nikolas said “No.”

“I mean, you kind of half look like one on most days anyway,” Leonard said almost apologetically. “You know, with the long skirts and everything.”

“True.” Henna lapsed in silence and they paid for their candy. They walked out of the store and Nikolas immediately started walking in the direction of Hot Topic.

“Of course you would know where Hot Topic is,” Leonard muttered underneath his breath.

“Oh shut up,” Nikolas told him crossly. “My sisters like to drag me there all the time.”

“They sell great t-shirts there,” Adelaide supplemented. “And year-round Halloween crap, so it’s really convenient.”

They reached Hot Topic, which was playing loud rock music, making Henna and Garrick cringe.

“I know,” Adelaide said sympathetically. “It’s horrid.”

A smiling shop girl wearing pink fuzzy cat ears and an apron walked up to them. “Hello,” she chirped pleasantly. “Do you need any help?”

“No, we’re fine,” Nikolas said, instantly dismissing her. She nodded pleasantly.

“Well, just let me know if you need any.” She strolled away to help another customer.

Nikolas looked around the walls. “I know they’re here somewhere,” he muttered half to himself. “They were just here the last I came here…Ah! There they are!” He plucked a box off of the wall and showed it to his friends. “Vampire fangs, only eight ninety-nine. Reusable.” He walked up to the cash register and paid for the fangs. “Thank you,” he told her and left, followed by his friends.

“You really, seriously bought them?” Leonard asked, bewildered.

“Yep.” Nikolas smiled at him. “I have lots of black clothing anyway.”

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