46 of 183

Day 46—Irrational Feelings Acknowledged

            It took a few days. But they eventually adjusted. Sometimes, Nikolas would leave disappear somewhere, only to come back with his eyes looking slightly puffier. Leonard looked fine. He didn’t miss Marianne at all.

He would look over at Nikolas sometimes, and he would long to go hug Nikolas, to comfort him. Nikolas maintained that the break up was mutual, that they had both wanted it, but his friends could still see the pain in his heart. Henna had come to school one day with Moonshine in her bag, only to pull her out and set her in Nikolas’ lap. The little grey cat nudged up against his shirt, leaving behind little silver hairs on his black shirt.

Nikolas laughed and let Moonshine smell his hand. “Hey kitty,” he cooed, scratching Moonshine behind the ears. Moonshine purred and rubbed against his hands. “Ohh, you’re a lot nicer than my cat at home. Lykke likes food, and that’s about it.”

A flash of blonde caught Leonard’s eye. He saw Monty looking longingly at the boy with the cat in his lap. Then, he made eye contact for a split second and Monty disappeared with narrowed eyes. Unsettled, Leonard turned back to his friends.

Over time, Leonard had realized that he was noticing the strangest foibles of Nikolas’ behavior. How Nikolas would tuck his hair behind his ear, only to take his headband out and flick his hair back to how it was and put the headband back on. How he seemed to get lost when he doodled on pieces of scratch paper. How he would make the strangest faces and sounds when he was drawing. How when he wanted to sleep he would yawn and curl up, no matter what he was sitting on. How Nikolas didn’t seem to realize that he counted the piercings in his ears with a finger when he was thinking.

I think that possibly maybe I’ve fallen for you.

                        Yes there’s a chance that I’ve fallen quite hard over you.

Over time, Nikolas had begun noticing the small behavioral quirks of Leonard’s as well. How Leonard would almost reach out and grab his hand to stop him from smearing paint all over his face, think better, and tell him. How he was so happy around Leonard, just talking to him, while with Monty it had felt slightly tedious. How no matter how well Leonard had gelled his hair that day, he would still run his hand through it, thereby ruining it irreparably. How Leonard’s eyes would travel from his feet to his hips whenever he saw him in running shorts. How he would feel his eyes on his back in Creative Writing. How much his green eyes reminded him of forests. How he seemed to turn to ARMOUR for inspiration when he couldn’t think.

I’ve seen the paths that your eyes wander down.

                        I want to come too.

Over time, they both realized they were falling irreparably in love with each other. But both were too shy to say anything.

I think that possibly maybe I’ve fallen for you.

                        No one understands me quite like you do.

Over time, their friends noticed. They noticed, but they were careful not to let them know. Whispered conversations when they weren’t around. Plans on how to get them together. They saw the way Nikolas seemed to always be paired off with Leonard, as if it were natural. They saw the way Leonard seemed to have a private smile that he showed only Nikolas, that they seemed to have plenty of private jokes between the two of them. They saw how Nikolas would always curl up against Leonard as if it were the most natural thing in the world. They saw how Leonard seemed to stare at Nikolas with unparalleled intensity.

They knew that Nikolas was falling in love with Leonard. They saw that Leonard was falling in love with Nikolas.

They knew that those two would never breathe a word to the other.

They knew it would be up to them to get them together.

I think that possibly maybe I’ve fallen for you.

                        Yes, there’s a chance that I’ve fallen quite hard over you.

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