43 of 183

Day 43—Not Talking

                        10 missed calls. 4 voice messages:


                        Yesterday, 6:43pm.

            Nikki, please talk to me. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made it so awkward for you. I should have listened. Please, Nikki, call me, or something. Please.


                        Yesterday, 9:20pm.

            Nikki, I don’t really know what to say, other than the fact that I’m going stir crazy not being able to see you. I know you’re…still…mad at me, but I miss you. Please, say you’ll forgive me? I’m lonely over on my end.


                        Today, 10:37am.

            Come on. This is getting ridiculous. Just talk to me. I know I crossed a line somewhere back there, but it’s because I wanted to defend you. I know that mentioning that mural wasn’t a good idea, but it’s just…so hard to miss. Everyone sees it, even if they don’t know what it means, or who made it. But I know for a fact that there are a lot of people who feel like it’s the whole reason why we’re so good at what we do.

            Nikki, please.


                        Today, 2:01pm.

            I love you, Nikki. You know that. Just…I don’t know. Call me, or something. I don’t know. I feel like this sort of isn’t working. I mean, we don’t really have any classes together. The P.E. locker room and before school on the stairs and after school. And I hardly get to see you, you with projects, me with diving. Do you think this is a good idea, to stay together?

                        Delete messages? Y     N


                        Messages deleted. To undelete, press 5.

                        End call.

                        Call ended.

                        24 missed calls. 32 unread texts. 9 voice mails.

                        Missed calls:

            (15) Marianne Prince Today, 19:08

            (2) Rachel Dubois Yesterday, 14:54

            (2) Sarah Tuesday, 07:23

(1) Han Wu Tuesday, 05:10

            (4) Unknown number Tuesday, 20:20

                        Unread text messages:

            Yesterday, 15:08


            How’s it goin?

            I miss u.

            R u mad at me?


            Plz don’t b mad. I didn’t mean 2 upset Nikolas.

            R u goin to rply?



            Yesterday, 22:54

            G2g2 sleep. Ttyl. :-*

            Today, 04:15

            Good morning, sleepyhead!



            Oh wait.


            Its only 4am.

            I’ll stop.

            R u still mad?

            Mbe I should just stop texting and get rdy 4 schl.

            Txt back wen ur awake.

            Luvya ❤

            Today, 10:23

            Y r u ignoring me?

            R u still mad?

            I didn’t mean 2 hurt anyone.

            I srsly didn’t know that the mural was Nikolas’.


            Im bad w wrds.

            Like, super bad.


            I miss u.

            Today, 19:03


                        Delete conversation? Y           N


Conversation deleted. Undo? If you choose Y, you will never see this conversation again. Y            N


                        9 voice messages.


                        Sunday, 11:23

Heeaay, Lenny! I was just, like, wondering if, like, you, like, wanted to come see a movie, or something with me and a couple of friends. Movie starts at three. We’re watching something old, like, He’s Just Not That Into You, or something. But you know, if you’re coming with us, just give me a call. You have my number. Ciao!

            Sunday, 16:00

            Heeaay, boyfriend! Do you want to, like, go out for dinner sometime? I just found this amazing, and by amazing I mean super, fricking awesome Indian place that sells the most gorgeous-tasting curry ever. You have to come. But, you know, if you’ve got other plans, I can just go with my friends.


                        Sunday, 23:01

            Well, Lenny, you know, I kind of, like, miss you. I haven’t seen you all day—all weekend! Come visit me at my house, or something.


                        Sunday, 23:56

            Goodnight sweetie! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!


                        Monday, 17:06

            This is so weird. Like, I feel like you’re avoiding me or something. Have you lost your phone? I mean, the thingy went straight to voicemail, so I was getting kind of worried. Well, when you find it, call me!


                        Monday, 21:17

            Hmm…it went to voicemail again. I guess you still haven’t found your phone. That’s okay. Bye.


                        Tuesday, 18:35

            Hey babe, I know for a fact that your phone is charged and ready to be answered. I saw you texting someone today! Answer your phone!


                        Yesterday, 07:34

            We need to talk.


                        Today, 19:10

            Babe, I’m sorry. Really. I am. Can we just talk?

                        Delete messages? Y     N


                        Messages deleted. To undelete, press 5.

                        End call.

                        Call ended.

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