41 of 183

Day 41—Back to the Record Store

            “Remind me again why I always follow you to the record store?” Leonard asked exasperatedly, hoisting his backpack higher up on his back. Adelaide shrugged happily.

            “Because you love me?” she suggested, poking him in the cheek. She twisted away from his half-hearted swipe at her head. Nikolas laughed quietly.

            “Adelaide,” he asked, “how much sugar have you had today?”

           Adelaide stopped twirling and skipping around and walked normally for a moment. She looked up at the sky, which was a rare clear, cloudless blue, with a finger on her chin, thinking back to what she had eaten that day. “Mm…well, none,” she chirped, resuming in her spinning.

            Leonard palmed his face. “Then why the hell are you so high?”

           “Ohh, let me think.” Adelaide tipped her head back up at the sky. A bird flew across her plane of vision. “Oh! Bird!” she exclaimed.

            “Adelaide, answer the question,” Nikolas said patiently.

            The girl looked at him, eyes wide. “Oh. Right.” She tipped her head back up at the sky. “Okay, um…today, in Government, we moved seats right?”

            “Uh, sure.”

            “Right. So now I sit in front of the teacher’s desk. Like right in front of him. And he has coffee on his desk, oh my God! And it smelled so good!”

            Leonard watched her warily. “Are you okay? You seem a little…”

            “Crazy?” Nikolas supplied, smiling at Adelaide’s silliness.

            “That’s all right,” Adelaide chirped frantically. “I already knew that. Look, okay, I’m not allowed to have caffeine. I don’t drink coffee! Do you know what that does to me? Oh my Goooood!”

            She stopped rhapsodizing and looked at her friends’ faces for a minute. Both of them were having trouble not laughing. Leonard looked vaguely as if he was in pain. Nikolas fared a little better, but looked slightly demented.

            “Of course not,” Nikolas sighed. “There’s the record store.”

            Adelaide squealed happily and ran inside, where Han was then attacked by her over exuberant, out of character personality.

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