38 of 183

Day 38—Lengthy Letters

            Leonard was once again bored. But he knew he wasn’t allowed to contact Nikolas, no matter how much his fingers itched to write out a long, lengthy e-mail or a pithy text to him. He was so distracted that he couldn’t concentrate on his song-writing.

            Sara wandered in and out of his room a couple of times, each time asking, “Are you okay?” to which Leonard almost always replied, “I’m fine. Just bored.”

            The final time Sara came in, she asked, “Do you miss being able to talk to Nikolas?” Sympathy shone in her eyes.

            Leonard sighed, laying back on his bed, arms pillowing his head. “Yeah. I do,” he admitted. “Nikolas was always really fun to talk to.”

            “Why don’t you write to him?” Sara suggested, sitting down on the edge of his bed. “Don’t send the letter, just write it. Then, when he lifts the no-contact ban, you can give him the letter.”

            Leonard sat up and clasped Sara’s hands with his own. “Sara, you are a genius,” he proclaimed, kissing her hands. Sara laughed modestly and wiped her hands free of Leonard’s kiss. She stood up and left Leonard, who had begun searching for a new pen and several clean sheets of paper within the mess of songwriting he had created the day before.

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