37 of 183

Day 37—Take a Walk

In a fit of boredom, Leonard decided to call Nikolas, just to see if he wanted to hang out or something. He got Nikolas’ voicemail.

            “Hi, this is Nikki’s phone. Nikki’s not answering right now because he probably lost me. Or I’ve run out of battery because he’s forgotten to charge me. Long story short, Nikki is an irresponsible handler and will get back to you as soon as he remembers that I’m not with him. Leave a message!”

            The tone beeped and Leonard did his best to use the sleaziest voice he could muster. “Hey, Nikki,” he said. “How’s it goin’? I got bored, so I decided to call you, see what you’re up to, try to get you to hang out with me…” He trailed off, not sure of what he wanted to say. “Well…yeah,” he continued in his normal voice. “You know, maybe I should’ve just texted you. But I like your message. It’s fun. Quirky.”

            Leonard hung up and sighed. He couldn’t help being bored. He lay down on his bed, acoustic guitar on his stomach, randomly strumming the strings as if he were hoping for inspiration to strike. Then, he realized he could write a song. Or something of the sort.

            Nikolas called back about two hours later. Leonard had accidentally buried his phone underneath several layers of paper and thus had to manically shuffle them away before he could reach the phone. Nursing a paper cut that the paper had given him in retaliation for the rough handling, Leonard tried not to sound breathless when he answered his call.

            “Hey, what’s up? Finally decided to find your phone?” Leonard tried casually.

            “Eh. I decided to take a break so I found my phone,” Nikolas said equally offhandedly.

            “What were you doing?”


            “What are you doing now?”

            “I’m taking a walk. It’s a nice day, you know. What are you doing?” Leonard could hear the gentle swishing of the leaves in the breeze coming through the phone.

            “Now I feel ashamed,” Leonard joked. “I’m holed in my room because I was bored and then I decided to write a song.”

            “I’m only taking a walk because I need inspiration,” Nikolas said petulantly. “It’s not like I enjoy being outside.”

            “Yeah. You believe that,” Leonard said amusedly. “You know that fresh air is good for you, right?”

            Nikolas chuckled. “Well, that’s why I’m taking a walk. Fresh air for a fresh mind, no?”

            “Yeah, I guess so,” Leonard answered. He put down his pen and guitar and turned off his lamp. Still talking to Nikolas, he put on shoes and walked out of the door of the apartment, waving to Sara and Theo as he left. “I think I’ll take a walk, too.”

            “Maybe we’ll run into each other,” Nikolas suggested. “The air over on my end is freaking awesome.”

            Leonard laughed. “Maybe.” There was a moment of silence.

            “Hey Lenny?” Nikolas said tentatively.


            “I’ve got this big project that I need to finish over the next couple of days. Could you maybe not call me, or contact me, and just leave me alone for the next few days?”

            Leonard hesitated. “…Sure. No problem.”

            “What?” Nikolas asked, concern evident in his voice. “I’m not going to die over the weekend. I’m not going to kill myself,” he added, trying to lighten the morose tone of Leonard’s voice.

            “I know,” Leonard said, leaning against a tree on the sidewalk. “I’ll just…miss…talking to you.”

            Nikolas snorted. “I’ll miss talking to you, too. Now go home and finish your song.”


            “I want to hear it when you’re done,” Nikolas added.


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