34 of 183

Day 34—Crying onto Sympathetic Shoulders

            Leonard would find out later that Sara’s “We’re done” meant two things.

            One, Theo was now out of the holding cell, having been bailed out by his friends.

            Two, Sara and Theo were now through as an official couple. Sara was so angry at Theo she could barely look at him. Theo couldn’t face Sara because he knew he deserved it.

            It didn’t help the pain in his heart, though. Which would explain why he was now over at Nikolas’ house with Leonard, sobbing into his hands, a pile of tissues growing steadily by the box that Marissa had been decent enough to bring to the broken-hearted boy.

            “It’s okay,” Leonard soothed, patting the black boy’s broad back comfortingly. “Sara will eventually forgive you and then you two will kiss and make-up and do all that other lovey-dovey shit that you two are so fond of. You know how she can’t hold a grudge for too long.”

            “No, I know,” Theo said forlornly, blowing his nose into a tissue and tossing it into the pile. “But this is serious. I broke a promise to her that I would stay out of trouble.”

            “But everyone deserves second chances, don’t they?” Nikolas asked. “I gave Monty a second chance when he cheated on me.”

            “He cheated on you and you’re still with him?” Theo asked bewilderedly. “You’re crazy.”

            Nikolas shrugged. “Not really. It was a one-time thing. A fling with some random girl to check.” He said the last word scathingly.

            “Someone sounds like they’re still bitter,” Leonard said.

            “And what if that was my second chance? Nikki, do you even know what I was like as a kid?”

            “No, but I can look that up in a second,” Nikolas said evenly. “Google knows everything.”

            “Besides, third time’s the charm, right?” Leonard asked.

            “…you’re right, I guess,” Theo said. “You guys must think I’m pathetic, crying like a little girl.”

            “Nah,” Nikolas said. “I’ve seen little girls cry, and it’s much worse. Trust me, I live with two sisters.”

            Theo laughed, a deep, throaty, earthy sound that rumbled like thunder.

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