32 of 183

Day 32—Henna is a Vegan

            Nikolas watched Henna eating a salad for what was probably the hundredth time. He stated this aloud, and was immediately corrected by Garrick, who said that that was impossible due to the fact that they had only known each other, really, for about two months. He, too, was eating a salad.

            Nikolas was getting tired of being surrounded by rabbits.

            “Henna.” He always said her name first so as to catch her attention, something that he had unconsciously picked up from Leonard, he noticed.


            “Why do you always eat salads?” he asked.

            “Yeah, I’ve noticed that Garrick always eats salads, too,” Leonard chimed in.

            “Well Garrick eats salads because he’s a vegetarian,” Nikolas stated as if it were obvious.

            “And I rather like lettuce and other green foods,” Garrick pointed out mildly. “They’re nice and cool, which calms me down after a stressful day.”

            Rachel snorted. “What kind of stressful day is a day with five periods and then lunch?” she asked.

            “A day with all four core classes plus debate.”

            “But that’s why you take Floral Design and Philosophy,” Sadie said. “They’re both morning classes, plus Spanish.”

            “Or Photography,” Rachel interjected. “The teacher doesn’t teach you jack shit, but at least you can do homework in that class.”

            “But guys, why does Henna only eat salads? And why are her salads always greener than Garrick’s?” Nikolas asked.

            “Nikki?” Henna said.


            “I’m a vegan.”

            “Wait,” Leonard interrupted. “When were you a vegan?”

            Henna sighed and smoothed out her long skirt. “Since before I met you?” she said, an eyebrow raised. “Didn’t you know?”

            “No? I always thought that you did all the cooking because Burnett and Theo would burn down the kitchen and get us evicted if they tried to make waffles.”

            “Dear Lord, you’re unintelligent sometimes,” Henna sighed. “No, I’m vegan. Which is not vegetarian. It is completely different.”

            Nikolas nodded seriously. “Just like if you wear all black, it doesn’t mean you’re emo, or punk, or, goth.” He looked directly at Leonard when he said this.

            Leonard raised his hands in defense. “I said I was sorry!” he protested.

            “Fine, fine, apology accepted.”

            “So, what’s the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian?” Leonard asked.

            Everyone groaned.

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