29 of 183

Day 29—Getting Dragged to the HC Game

            The day before Homecoming, there is always a Homecoming Game. Nikolas, who had never been a fan of football, did not want to go to the Homecoming game. He had never been to a football game, nor did he ever want to. The NIBHS football team sucked anyway. They were almost last in the rankings.

            Rachel, Monty and Sadie, however, were not about to let him miss the last Homecoming Game of his high school career. With much begging, pleading, bribing and threatening, Nikolas finally gave in. Which is how he ended up sitting on the school bleachers that surrounded the school football field and track, wrapped in Monty’s warm jacket.

            While on any other day, he would have been happy to be like this, he was surrounded by people trying to noisily encourage the NIBHS Filibusters to win against their school, the Tilapia High School Sharks. Therefore, he was not happy.

            He could remember the first day he walked into Norman Irving Ballington High School. When he found out that their mascot was a Filibuster, he had had to leave class so that he could calm down from his derisive laughter. Filibusters were something that a politician used to stall—not an awe-inspiring team that struck fear into the hearts of men.

            He sighed. He would have been much happier if he had been here in the stands, alone with Monty or with his friends. Not surrounded by a mass of overly optimistic people who wished to see their football team win at least one game in the season.

            Leonard was bored. He had come to the game only to see the marching band play their award-winning routine, which would come at half-time. As he watched the home team being pummeled by the visiting team, he couldn’t help but wonder how the football team sucked while the marching band could bring home awards that were nice, shiny and good for the school’s reputation.

            “It’s because the school is better known for academics,” he remembered Han once telling him. “We’re better at things like DECA, music, arts, science and math. Oh, and girls’ sports and badminton.”

            He watched as their school scored a touchdown. The volume of cheering was so loud it was pathetic. The red score number flickered up, while the countdown continued to get closer to zero.

            He sighed. He couldn’t wait for half-time.

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