25 of 183

Day 25—Gummy Bears and Other Candies

            Leonard, Nikolas, Sara and Theo were walking through a grocery store looking for the groceries on Nikolas’ and Sara’s list when they stumbled across the candy aisle.

            “Oh my God!” Sara squealed when she saw the gummy bears. “I love those things!”

            “Really? I always liked the worms better,” Nikolas mused.

            “Why? Don’t they just taste the same?” Theo asked.

            “They do, but gummy worms tend to last longer. I don’t know why, though,” Nikolas said, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jeans, which were paint-splattered from his art class.

            “I don’t like gummy bears or worms. But I do like these,” Leonard tapped his index finger on the plastic lid of a bin filled with peppermints.

            Nikolas shook his head. “I only like peppermint if it’s in gum.”

            “These are the best, though,” Theo said, holding up a bag of chocolate covered pretzels.

            “I agree,” Sara concurred. “Sweet, but salty.”

            “D’you guys want to get black licorice?” Leonard asked.



            “I like black licorice,” Nikolas said mildly.

            “Ha! Overruled, Sara!”

            They left the grocery store with their groceries, plus the candy and a pouty Sara.

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