24 of 183

Day 24—Truth or Dare

            They were hanging out in Henna’s apartment. They called it Henna’s because Burnett was out eighty percent of the time doing God knows what, and it was technically leased in their shared last name.

            They were playing Truth or Dare. Despite the juvenility of the game, it never lost its hilarity. It was always greeted by a combination of moans, groans and a cheer or two. They were wary of what could happen, weighing the ability of the person to create awful truths or awful dares.

            “Lenny,” Sue said. “Truth or Dare?”


            “Do you have a date to Homecoming?” she asked.

            “I do.”

            “Ooh, who?” Rachel demanded.

            “Ah, ah, ah, it’s not your turn,” Leonard scolded. “Truth or Dare?”


            “I dare you to walk out of this apartment and tell the first person you see that you want to get into their pants. Pics, or it didn’t happen.”

            “Damn,” Rachel swore. “Nikolas, come with me and bring your phone.” She tugged Nikolas up and out of the door.

            When the door swung closed, every teenager in the room burst into giggles.

            “Genius!” Ricky whooped, leaning back into his boyfriend’s embrace. “I never would have been able to come up with something like that.”

            “Because you’re too conservative,” Han said amusedly.

            “I wonder if she’s actually going to do it,” Henna mused. “I wouldn’t be able to.”

            “That’s why I didn’t pick you, Henna,” Leonard said. “You consider ‘person’ as a very loose term. You’d probably go up to the first plant you see and tell them that.”

            “You’re forgetting about that crazy dude who hangs around behind the potted tree outside,” Theo reminded him.

            “Yeah, but that’s a real person,” Ricky pointed out.

            “But he thinks he’s a goose,” Theo argued.

            The door opened and closed and a visibly embarrassed Rachel and a giggling Nikolas ran back into the room they were all sitting or sprawled on the floor in.

            “Gawd,” Rachel groaned. “Why did it have to be an old lady?” Nikolas collapsed next to Monty in a heap of laughter.

            “Oh, I see you’ve met old Mrs. Gautham,” Henna noted mildly.

            “Oh my God, that old bat? You had to say ‘I want to get into your pants’ to that old bat?” Sara broke down in peals of laughter.

            “Yes, that old bat,” Rachel groaned.

“The look on her face was priceless, though. Look,” Nikolas replayed the video, and everyone but Rachel crowded around to watch. When the video finished playing, they all broke out into simultaneous laughter.

“Oh my God, that look on her face!”

“It’s like she doesn’t know whether to be mortified or flattered!”

“That’s hilarious!”

“Oh my God, you are evil, Leonard!”

“Remind me never to pick dare if you’re the one asking!”

“Okay, okay,” Rachel said. “Pipe down, it’s not that funny.”

“Are you kidding? It’s hilarious!” Sadie said.

“Okay, then, Sadie, Truth or Dare?” Rachel asked.


Rachel thought for a moment. “I dare you to pick the nearest book to you, flip to a random page, close your eyes, point at a random sentence, and memorize it. Then, go find the school phone book and find a random person. Call that person, and if they pick up, say that random sentence to them. If they don’t go to the next person and call them.”

“Elaborate,” Adelaide commented, leaning back on her hands.

Sadie looked around and grabbed the first book that she saw, which was a copy of Twilight. “Why?” she groaned. She closed her eyes and flipped to a random page and pointed. She opened her eyes. “No. No, no, no, no. I am not saying that to a random person.”

Rachel peeked over her shoulder. “Oh, come on. I had to tell an old lady that I wanted to get into her pants, the least you could do is tell a random person that you love them.”

“But that’s just…awkward,” Sadie argued. “This could have lasting consequences that I really don’t feel like doing.”           

“Do it, or I give you an even worse dare.”

“Fine.” She took the phone book that Sara had taken out. She opened to a random page and pointed at a random person. “Ew, Marcus Deardoff?”

Do it,” Rachel encouraged.

Sadie sighed. She punched in the number.

            “Put it on speaker,” Adelaide said. “I promise I’ll be quiet.”

Sadie pushed the button and put the phone down.

“Hello?” Tinny, Mucous-filled breathing resonated out of the phone’s speaker.

Sadie took a deep breath. “I,” she said in a deep, sultry voice, “love you.”

Silence. “Are you—who is this? Do I know you?” Adelaide grabbed the phone and hit the “End” button. Then they laughed their heads off.

“Okay, okay,” Sadie said when they started calming down. “Ricky.”

“Yeah?” The boy straightened up with attention from Han’s embrace.

“Truth or Dare?”


“No fun. Okay, does is bother you that you’re going out with a senior?”

Ricky glanced up over his glasses at Han. “No,” he said. “With any luck, I’ll be leaving high school at the same he will be, anyway.”

“What?” came the shocked cries of everyone else in the room.

“What do you mean you’re leaving school early? You’re not dropping out, are you? Because trust me, it sucks to be the only person you know without a high school diploma and a decent job,” Nikolas said.

“How would you know?” Sue asked curiously.

“No, no,” Ricky said, shaking his head. “I’m doing Early Entrance—I just sent in my application.”

“Oh,” Adelaide put her hand over her chest. “Thank God. For a minute there, I thought you were going to drop out, and I was like, Asian kids don’t drop out. Their parents brainwashed them too well to even seriously think of doing that.”

“Han, Truth or Dare?” Ricky asked.


“Kiss me?”

“Get a room!” Theo yelled before they could do anything. Monty rolled his eyes.

“Grow up?” he asked before kissing his own boyfriend.

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