Tea-colored Lives

There is art that comes with this sestina, two pieces–one that came on the handwritten version, and an abstract timeline done as a project.

She fell in love with the music,
But fearing rejection, fell in with depression.
As it ate her away, she branched
Out, yearning for graduation
And escape. Soon her world was no longer the color of tea.
Rather, she spent sleepless nights a thinking insomniac.

As an insomniac,
Her taste in music
And tea
Changed to match her depression.
No longer was Vitamin C’s “Graduation”
Her most played. She branched

Into the less mainsteam branches
Of music, pairing her insomnia
With gothic rock, replacing visions of graduation
With reams of sheet music,
Pouring out the poison of depression,
Drowning her sorrow with weak tea.

Soon, decaf fell to green tea
As she continued to branch
Out in her interests. Her depression
Was fading, but insomnia
Was not; music
Continued to be an anchor until graduation.

There is graduation,
Always on the horizon. Tea
And music
Drives her body, physically branching
As sleep eludes her. Insomnia
Replaces the rings of depression.

Completely gone, her depression
Was replaced by new goals of graduation.
Too bad her insomnia
Remained, powered by tea.
No longer was she branching
Out; Her heart played her music.

Music changes with her depression
gone. Tree branches flower as graduation
approaches, but weak tea remains for insomnia.


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