23 of 183

Day 23—Avoiding Angry Girls

            Lenny had been turning down girl after girl after girl. He even, against all wisdom, turned down one of the most popular girls in the school.

            Then he realized that this girl had a lot of friends. And that she was extremely emotionally unstable. And extremely manipulative.

            And thus, he ended up hiding in the bushes. Alone. At least he was away from those vicious girls. He was pretty sure they were the same girls that he and Nikolas had run away from a week or two ago. Speaking of Nikolas, Leonard wondered what he and his friend were doing. Garrick and Henna were probably talking about astro-psycho-babble. Sadie and Rachel were probably talking about clothes. Nikolas was probably trying to sleep, or hanging out with that boyfriend of his.

            Leonard groaned. How much longer was he going to have to stay here? He flopped down in the grass.

            He listened to the birds calling in the trees. Then a sound reached his ears that didn’t sound all that much like a bird. It sounded human and wounded.

            He sat up and moved in the direction of the noise. About four yards to his left, a girl was crying in the bushes. He tapped her on the shoulder, making her gasp and whirl around.

            “So,” he said with forced casualness, “you’re hiding in the bushes, too? What for?”

            The girl, who was a rather pretty blonde with long wavy hair, let out a gurgling sound, which Leonard soon realized was weak laughter.

          “I’m hiding from a bunch of angry girls because I turned down their leader. Amanda Tollum, you know her?” he continued, trying to cheer her up. The girl started crying even harder, much to Leonard’s dismay. “Hey, hey, hey, I didn’t mean to upset you—what did I do?” he asked desperately.

            The girl hiccupped. “It wasn’t you,” she choked out between sobs. “It’s her.”

            “Okay,” he said, getting into the groove of her reasoning. “What did Amanda do?”

            “She s-stole my boyfriend!” she wailed.

            Leonard recoiled indignantly. “But she just asked me to Homecoming!” he exclaimed. “That’s why I’m stuck here in this hellhole of a circle of bushes, bored out of my mind.”

            The girl gurgled wetly, which Leonard interpreted as bitter laughter. “That’s what she does,” she told him. “She steals people’s boyfriends and then dumps those when she realizes that there’s something better. Then, when she can’t get it, she tries to destroy it.”

            “Doesn’t she know you can’t do that if you’re a world famous rock star?” Leonard asked jokingly.

            “Obviously, not.” The girl sounded a little clearer now. “You’re Leonard Astor, aren’t you?”

            “Yes, Yes I am.”


            “Do you want to come to Homecoming with me?”

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