22 of 183

Day 22—Getting Out of Shopping With the Girls

            Leonard and Nikolas really didn’t feel like shopping for the third day in the row—“But it’s for accessories,” Rachel whined. “No,” Nikolas said adamantly. “No.”—so they made an excuse and got out of shopping.  Now, they were hanging out in Henna’s apartment, watching Theo play Halo. Burnett was out somewhere. He had told them that he wouldn’t be back until the next morning and to remember to feed the cat.

            “Shoot him! Shoot him! Shoot! Shoot! Dammit!” Leonard groaned when Theo died. “Man, you suck at this game,” he said.

            “You shut up; you probably couldn’t do any better!” Theo countered.

            “Wanna bet?”

            “Oh, shut up, you two,” Nikolas said irately. “This room is starting to stink of testosterone.” He was hanging upside down on the couch, shirt riding up on his abdomen, exposing his bellybutton. He was watching Moonshine, who was currently washing her face.

            Lenny looked over. “You pierced your bellybutton, too?” he said incredulously. “When did you do that?”

            “A while ago,” Nikolas said dismissively. “I can’t believe you never noticed.”

            Theo looked over. “Hey, that’s kinda hot,” he said, prodding Nikolas’ piercing. “I wonder if I could convince Sara to do that.”

            “Hey! Don’t poke me! That tickles,” Nikolas said as he swatted Theo’s finger away to keep him from poking him in the middle again. He pulled his shirt down and sat right side up.  “And it hurts like hell to get, so I don’t really recommend doing it unless you’re crazy like me.”

            “I still think it’s hot,” Theo said, turning back to his game.

            “Then get one yourself.”

            Ten minutes later, Theo lost again. “Dammit,” he swore. “This game is fucking rigged.”

            “No it’s not,” Nikolas said. “I’ll show you how to snipe like a real man.” He took the controller from Theo and started a new game.

            In another ten minutes, Nikolas’ impressive death-to-kill ratio showed up. Theo and Leonard looked, open-mouthed at Nikolas.

            “I,” Theo swore, “Michael ‘Theo’ Theostoralis, will never make fun of you or get on your bad side if you ever get possession of a gun.”

            “Jesus,” Leonard said. “where’d you learn how to do that?”

            “My dad used to take me down to the shooting ranges. He taught me how to shoot.”

            “And, let me guess, little Nikki got really good at it, and so Daddy bought him a real gun?” Leonard asked half-mockingly.

            “No, I sucked, but I got the theory. My mom actually owns a gun, though.”

            “Remind me not to make her mad, then,” Leonard told him. “Your family is dangerous.”

            “They are not!”

            Leonard snorted.

            “So, have you gotten a date to Homecoming yet?” Theo asked.

            “That’s low.”

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