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Who wouldn’t want to be a little furry feline? One who frolics and flaunts in the sun, who feasts and forages, who fumbles onwards in a flagrant leisure, continually, forever. Cats are the animal kingdom equivalent of retired humans. They are completely left to their own devices, allowed to piss at will, forgiven if they soil their own living room, and asleep for around 90% of the real world day. Except cats have the vitality of youth. They have a sprightly desire to leap and pounce and shit on things some more, an energy which most of our retired arguably do not posses.

Stay at home Dads too, can be compared to cats. Society seems to loathe these effeminate job-swervers, these men who dirty the good name of the dominant patriarchs, sitting at home to cradle their young whilst allowing their women to go out and earn the necessaries. Why do they…

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