21 of 183

Day 21—Going Shoe Shopping With the Girls

            Eventually, the girls found their dresses. In the end, Rachel chose the daring red dress. Sara found a solid black halter dress with a beaded halter. Sadie decided to wear an old party dress of hers that she had worn to her cousin’s wedding. And they went home. Well, Nikolas and Leonard sort of staggered home, completely bored out of their minds. (“You see, this is why one is a boy,” Nikolas observed sagely. “All we need is a three-piece suit or a tuxedo and, like, twenty five dress shirts and ties and we’re good for the rest of our lives.” Leonard nodded in agreement.) Adelaide went home in slightly better shape. Then they found out that out that they were “required” to go shoe shopping with the girls.

            Lenny still hadn’t met the girl he wanted to ask.

            Now they were sitting on the floor of Payless, surrounded by shoe boxes and high heels. Adelaide sighed.

            “Why am I here when I already have the shoes to go with my dress?” she asked.

            “Because we need a female opinion?” Rachel asked rhetorically, twisting her ankle in circles so that she could see the extent of the strappy silver high-heeled shoe she was trying on.

            “Rachel, you’ll fall over in those heels,” Nikolas said, rubbing his eyes.

            “Why so tired?” Sadie teased, trying on a simple black wedge. “Talking into the night with someone?”

            “No, working on an art project. Monty had diving practice, and then he had an ES paper due after that, ” Nikolas defended. “Sadie, what color is your party dress?” 

            “A light lavender,” she mused. “Not the shoe, then?”

            “Those shoes will look good with your dress, Rachel,” Adelaide told her. “Ooh, sexy diver boyfriend,” she teased.

            “Not the color. Go with those gold ones you tried a while back. You know, the ones with all those straps,” Nikolas advised, ignoring Adelaide’s comment.

            “Which ones?”

            “The gladiators,” Leonard clarified. The other five teenagers looked at him in surprise.

            “How would you know what those are?” Henna asked, trying on a wicker sandal.

            “You wear them a lot, and I hear Sara calling them ‘gladiators’,” Leonard explained awkwardly. “I’m bound to notice something.”

            “Nice save,” Nikolas muttered underneath his breath, watching Sadie put the pair of gold shoes on. Leonard half-heartedly threw an empty box at him. He looked over at the clock over the door, just in time to see a familiar mousy brown haired girl walk in. “Shit, she is following me.”

            “You know what I think would be really cool?” Adelaide said, holding a shoe box over her eyes. “If we all wore Converse to the Homecoming Dance.”

            “No,” Henna, Sara, Sadie and Rachel said in unison. Adelaide shrugged.

            “Worth a shot. Hey, isn’t that Becky? Why is she scribbling into a notebook if she’s here to buy shoes?”

            Henna took of the wicker sandal and opted for a light blue ballet flat. “I like these ones better,” she decided. She took them off and put them back into their box and walked barefoot over to the register to pay for her shoes.

            “Does anyone know what Henna’s dress look like?” Sara asked, lacing up a pair of red boots with two-inch heels. “She won’t tell me.”

            Sadie and Rachel shrugged while Leonard, Nikolas and Adelaide all shook their heads.

            “It’s a secret,” Henna said, overhearing her friend’s question. “I’d get those shoes,” she said, sitting down and arranging her long bohemian skirt.

            “They are cute,” Sara agreed. “I wonder if they have something similar in an open-toe style. Still wearing the shoes, she browsed the racks of shoes.

            “Do you really think these are the shoes?” Sadie asked Nikolas.

            “Gold goes really well with lavender shades, trust me,” he assured her.

            “Besides,” Rachel said, finally taking off the silver shoes and putting a pair of leopard print pumps on, “If you don’t wear them, you can give them to me and I’ll wear them.”

            “Hmm. We are the same size,” Sadie said thoughtfully.

            “And I’ll never understand how,” Nikolas said, shaking his head. “You two have an eight inch difference in height, and yet you have the same shoe size.”

            “I have abnormally small feet,” Sadie explained. Nikolas shook his head again.

            “That’s hot,” Leonard commented, looking at Rachel’s shoes. “It’ll go good with your dress.”

            “Really? Oh, thank you!” Rachel said, flattered.

            “Are you going to buy them, then?”


            “Oh, thank God.”

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