20 of 183

Day 20—Going Dress Shopping With the Girls

            By the next day, quite a few of the girls had been snapped up. Sadie had been asked by the stocky blonde in Leonard and Nikolas’ Creative Writing class, Ishaq, who was also in Sadie’s Video Production and Business and Marketing class. Rachel had been asked by someone in her Math class, a basketball player by the name of Anthony Aneglini. Sara and Theo were going together, as was predetermined, and Garrick asked Henna with great aplomb, an elaborate card trick that he made himself. Sue, too, had been asked by a boy in her grade, and wouldn’t stop gushing about what he had done. Adelaide was contemplating going alone, and then she was asked by the principal cellist, who had played a beautiful piece by Tchaikovsky to her.

            Leonard had yet to ask someone, and he was definitely feeling the pressure. Girls were practically throwing themselves at him, asking him themselves or dropping highly obvious hints. Notes were left in his locker by the bushel, and he kept getting anonymous texts and incredibly desperate Tweets and Facebook posts.

            In fact, he should have been planning out how to ask a girl out, not shopping for dresses with his female friends. Specifically, Adelaide, Sara, Sadie and Rachel. Henna didn’t have to go shopping, as her closet was stuffed with samples that designers that sent her that she had never worn because she never felt the need to clothe her slender frame in high-end silks and other fabrics. Sue was going shopping with her own friends.

            Well, that’s not completely true. Nikolas had been forced along with him, as well, and was currently trying to nap on the seats.

            They’d been going at this for what seemed like hours. None of the girls could find a dress that they liked.

            Sara came out of the changing room wearing a short, tight, sequined strapless aqua dress. “Does this look good?” she asked, doing a little twirl.

            Leonard looked dully at the dress. “Looks all right to me,” he said as Sadie came out in a horrid floor-length black lace monstrosity. “That looks awful,” he told Sadie before she could ask. Sadie examined herself in the mirror and pulled a face.

            “Who died?” Adelaide asked, walking out in a strappy dark blue dress with a skirt that flared out. The color darkened to a fancy black twist around the bust, with a rhinestone buckle in the center. “I like this one,” she commented. “I can wear Converse with them.”

            Nikolas perked up. “Who’s wearing Converse?” he asked, sitting up and falling the other way into Leonard’s lap. “Oops. Sorry.” He pushed himself up.

            “I am,” Adelaide said decisively, twirling in the dress. “Senior year is the time to try new things and go out with a bang. But I’m not a senior. Oh well. Plus, I’m pretty sure I can get Eric to do the same thing. Ooh! There’s black lace edging this dress. Me like-y.”

            “How does this look?” Sara asked Nikolas, still in the same aqua dress. “Be honest.”

            “You look like a slut.”

            “Oh, gee, thanks,” Sara said sarcastically. “Just what a girl wants to hear.”

            “It’s too short,” Nikolas criticized. “If you bend over, you’ll flash the entire world, and no one wants to see that. Plus, it’ll be brighter than all of the lights in the dance floor combined. You look like a blue disco ball.”

            “You could’ve stopped with ‘slut’, you know,” Leonard said mildly.

            “Art geeks don’t stop there. You know that,” Nikolas said. Sara rolled her eyes and walked back into her changing room.

In the meantime, Adelaide had changed out of her dress and back into her normal clothes. She left her changing room with the dress she had picked on a hanger over her arm and sat down next to Leonard cross-legged. Rachel and Sadie both came out of their respective changing rooms in different dresses. Rachel was wearing a ruffled pink dress and Sadie wore a black dress that emphasized her curves.

            “So, what do you think?” Rachel asked, twirling experimentally.

            “You look like a little kid,” Leonard told her.

            “So kawaii, it’s not funny,” Adelaide agreed.

            “I think the black dress is a little plain for you, Sadie,” Nikolas said mildly.

            Sadie examined herself. “You’re right.”

The two girls went back in their changing rooms as Sara came out in a black and white striped dress. Nikolas fell over onto his stomach with a groan.

“Wake me up when this is over,” he mumbled, shrugging his jacket off and bunching it underneath his head. He lifted his head, trying to get comfortable and caught sight of a mousy brown head bobbing around the racks of colorful formal dresses.

“Hey! I know that girl!”

“That suits you,” Leonard said, appraising Sara’s body. “I think Theo will like it.”

Sara looked at herself critically in the mirror. “No, I don’t like it,” she finally said.

“But you like stripes,” Leonard protested.

“Not like this.” She headed back in.

Adelaide sighed loudly. “I now understand the pain men go through every time their significant others force them to go clothes shopping with them,” she proclaimed. “I’m bored.”

Nikolas snorted. “You think you’ve got it bad? We’ve been sitting here for two hours! I don’t even know what I’m doing here!He crossed his arms and laid his head on them. “I saw Becky wandering around in the dresses.”

Rachel came out in a daring red dress. “Nikolas, you’re my best friend, that’s why you’re here. Well, that, and you are technically my gay best friend, so…”

“I like that one,” Nikolas interrupted. “It doesn’t make you look like a little girl. Do I look like some blonde fairy who enjoys shopping and scarves?” he asked acerbically. “I swear to God that girl is following me,” he added, glaring at Becky.

“Yes,” Adelaide muttered under her breath.

“Really?” Rachel asked. “I’m flattered.”

“Are you going to get the dress, then?” Leonard asked, as if he were a puppy sniffing the air.


Nikolas and Adelaide groaned. Leonard slumped down in his seat and Rachel pranced back into her changing room.

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