19 of 183

[If you didn’t know before now, Muse is a story centered around a relationship that is not heterosexual. You have been warned.]

Day 19—Nikki Has a Boyfriend

            Lenny’s burning question distracted him for the rest of the day, and for quite a while the next day. Then P.E. came around and his question was answered. It was promising to be a warm day, and the racket sports class had gone down to the tennis courts to play tennis, the team sports class had gone to the football field to play football, and the freshmen P.E. class was out running laps.

            Lenny, Nikolas and Monty all had the same period of P.E., but Monty was in team sports instead of Lenny and Nikolas’ racket sports. When asked why he chose team sports instead of racket sports, he would say “Because there’s football.”

             That day in P.E., there seemed to be an undercurrent of poorly repressed excitement. The girls were giggling and whispering, and the guys weren’t doing much better. Somehow, though, Nikolas seemed completely oblivious to the tension in the air.

            Earlier that week, the homecoming theme had finished spreading to the farthest corners of the school. “Secret Garden” was now at the foremost of everyone’s minds. So much that the Dance Committee showed the video for the Homecoming Week earlier than usual, announcing the start of the fervor for Homecoming.

            They had been let out of racket sports early that day. The freshmen were still running laps outside. In the locker room, after P.E., a note fell out of Nikolas’ clothing.

                        If you want your backpack back, go to locker 24.

            “My backpack?” He looked around. “Hey—where’d my backpack go?” A couple boys snickered. Nikolas looked at the note again. He recognized the handwriting, he realized. It was Monty’s. Locker 24…he walked around the locker room, looking for the number 24. He’d play along instead of just confronting the boy. After all, where was the fun in that?

                        You’re cute when you’re frustrated. Now, this locker opens with our ages combined.

            He knew this one.


            He tugged on the lock and it fell open. He pulled the door open, and on top of his messenger bag was a bouquet of flowers and another note. He took the note out first. It was amateur poetry at best, but nonetheless the sentiment was felt.

                        Roses are red,

                        Violets are blue.

                        Homecoming is coming up

                        And I’d like to go with you.

            When Nikolas looked up, he saw Monty standing in front of him.

            “So?” he asked with a grin. Nikolas crossed his arms.

            “So what?”

            “So, will you go with me?” Monty asked.

            Standing on his tip toes, Nikolas put his arms around Monty’s shoulders and kissed him, much to the barely concealed glee of the rest of the guys in the room. Monty deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around Nikolas’ waist.

“Get a room!” someone yelled.

Pressing his forehead to Monty’s, he laughed quietly. “At five feet eleven inches, you’re too tall,” he said with a smile. “But why wouldn’t I?”

            On the other side of the room, Leonard finally realized why Monty and Nikolas seemed to be so close, and yet so independent of one another. And he realized that he was jealous.

            Of what?

            He had no reason to be jealous of any one of them, he mused as the other seniors catcalled and hollered. He could get anyone he wanted. He watched as Monty lifted Nikolas on top of one of the half-rows of lockers and presented him with the flowers from Locker 24. They acted as if they were alone.

            But, a tiny voice of reason whispered, you want that special feeling of a perfect relationship.

            But he was happier when he was single.

            And you’re getting lonely, the voice of reason told him. Isn’t that why you decided to come back to high school?

            “No,” he murmured to himself, watching the tired freshmen trickle in. “Shut up.”

            I think you want him.

            He needed to find a date to Homecoming.

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