18 of 183

Day 18—Helping Adelaide

            It was another day at lunch when Adelaide suddenly appeared, looking slightly frantic. “Guys, guys, guys! I need your help,” she started.

            “Wait, shouldn’t you be in class right now?” Leonard asked her.

            “Yeah, but Stolyevski gave us this class period to go around asking people to buy tickets and shit,” Adelaide said. “Support NIBHS Orchestra!” She indicated her t-shirt, which read “NIBHS DORKESTRA MEMBER” on the front and “First violin” on the back.

            “Nice,” Leonard said appreciatively.

            “Okay. What do you need help on?” Garrick asked, calmly as opposed to Adelaide’s hurried countenance.

            “Well, okay, first of all, there’s this orchestra fundraiser that Stolyevski’s putting on because we’re not funded by the district and we need money. It’s called ‘Music of the Night’, and it’s in a month or something. Starts at seven. Tickets are five dollars for students and ten dollars for adults,” she explained. “It costs the same now and at the door.”

            “Wait, so what’s the point of this?” Sadie asked.

            “I’ve got a point, I promise. It just takes a lot of explaining,” Adelaide promised. “It’s this huge auction-slash-concert that the orchestra is putting on. But we need more live musicians and art pieces and stuff to auction. By the way, there’s food.” She stopped and looked at her friends. “So, will you help me?” she asked hopefully.

            “I can do an art piece for you,” Nikolas offered. “And I know someone who might donate a tea basket.”

            “You mean that woman with the devil children?” Rachel asked. “She has good tea.”

            “What kind of live music do you have in mind?” Leonard asked. “Like, rock music or”—he pulled a face—“classical music.”

            “Classical,” Adelaide said decisively.

            “So I can’t help you there,” Leonard said disappointedly.

            “Tell your conductor that I can play a classical guitar piece,” Henna offered. “Unless you want a piano piece. Or both.”

            “Talk to Stolyevski,” Adelaide told her. “He makes all of the decisions.”

           Henna nodded. She stood up and brushed her long skirt clean of debris. “Come with me?” she asked Garrick. Garrick stood up and they left together.

            Sadie snickered. “I think someone’s got a crush another someone else,” she sang.

            “No, that wasn’t obvious at all,” Rachel said sarcastically.

            “Will the rest of you buy tickets?” Adelaide said hopefully, producing tickets from her back pocket and holding them hopefully against her chest. “It’d be a great way to support the orchestra and the Music department.”

            “Sure. Why not?” Sadie said. She gave Adelaide five dollars in exchange for a ticket. Rachel, Leonard and Nikolas did the same.

            “Here,” Nikolas said, “Give me another ticket and I’ll make sure that Monty goes, too.”

            Adelaide gave him another ticket. “I want the money, though,” she warned him. “Make sure he pays.”

            “I will,” he promised.

            As Adelaide left in one direction and Nikolas left in another, Leonard began wondering about the relationship between Nikolas and Monty. They seemed awfully close for two people who almost never spent time together.

            Henna and Garrick returned, Henna looking very pleased with what she had done.

            “I like the orchestra conductor,” she decided. Garrick looked at her curiously.

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