17 of 183

Day 17—Record Store

            “What are we doing here?” Leonard asked. Adelaide spun around.

            “We are outside one of the most amazing places in the music industry, of which you yourself are part of, and you are asking me what we are doing here?” she demanded. They were standing outside of a rather inconspicuous record store with a small, weather-battered sign that read “Re-chord”.


            Adelaide sighed. “Maybe you should have gone with Nikki to Art Club,” she muttered half to herself. She took a deep breath. “Okay look.” She spun around and unzipped her jacket. She held the jacket away from her shirt. “Look at my shirt. What do you see?”

            I see a fat rabbit, he thought. “I see…” oh fuck it. “…a fat rabbit. Sitting in front of a moon. Holding an umbrella. The rabbit is grey and kind of looks like an owl.”

            “No! You’re wrong! It’s Hayou Miyazaki’s ‘My Neighbor Todoro’’s one and only Todoro!”

            Leonard looked at her blankly. “Okay, I was brought up in a Caucasian household with little contact to the Asian culture outside of little kiddie TV shows like Sagwa and Ni-Hao Kai-Lan.”

            Adelaide sighed again. “Never mind. You’ll never understand the pure awesomeness of Studio Ghibli.”

            She pushed the door open and the store clerk looked up. “Hey Han.” She waved.

            “Whoa! You work here?” Leonard asked. “I’m surprised.”

            “That a guy like me could hold down a steady job?” Han asked, amused. “That’s just how we Asians are, man. We can keep down jobs without lifting a finger because we’re Asian.”

            “That’s kind of overgeneralizing and stereotyping it, isn’t it?” his boyfriend asked critically, walking in with a stack of DVDs in his arms, earphones plugged into his ears.

            “You work here, too?” Leonard asked.

            “No. I just help out.” Ricky set the DVDs on the counter. “Your DVDs are somewhere in there,” he told Adelaide. “D’you remember the DVD return policy?”

            “Yeah. A dollar the first day and a dollar twenty-nine for everyday kept after that. Thanks.”

            Leonard nodded. “I see.”

            “It’s per DVD, remember,” Han reminded her.

            “I know.”

            Leonard looked around the store and browsed through the CDs as Adelaide sifted through the stack of DVDs, picking the ones she wanted to keep and the ones she didn’t want. Leonard chose a couple of CDs and paid for them as Adelaide finished up her sorting. She had two DVDs.

            “You spent all that time for just two DVDs?” he asked incredulously.

            “Well, yeah. It’s worth it, though. Studio Ghibli is the best.” She paid for her DVDs and they left. Leonard shook his head.

            “I don’t think I’ll ever understand you,” he told her.

            “You don’t have to,” Adelaide said cheerfully. She skipped and twirled down the street, humming loudly.

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