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[Like if you can relate.]

Day 15—BS’ing the Bonding Project

            The teacher, Mr. Stone, walked in right as the bell rang.

            “Settle down, class,” he said loudly. The class quieted. “I’ve realized one thing,” he announced as soon as he reached his desk. He waited expectantly, sitting on the edge of his desk.

            “What?” a boy finally asked.

            “I forgot to set a due date. So,” he turned stood up and walked to his white board. He uncapped a blue dry erase marker and wrote on the white board. “I’ve decided to make the due date tomorrow.” He underlined the date.

            “But that’s tomorrow!” the same boy complained.

            “But you should be almost finished, anyway. You’ve already had far too much time,” Mr. Stone said placidly.

            The class groaned.

            “So, what do we do?” Leonard asked, leaning against the table Nikolas was trying to sleep on. Nikolas covered his eyes.

“I don’t know. We make up the answers. Half of the questions are bullshit, anyway.”


“What?” Nikolas turned on his side, using a hand to shield his eyes from the bright afternoon sunlight.

“That’s a really good idea.”

“Then I suggest you fill out your papers, Master Astor.”

So they bullshitted their answers and got full score on their projects. It was good.

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