What a World We Live In

I thought about playing with the traditional sestina structure. Then I got lazy. So I ended up with this instead.

White—Vision obscured by white
Souls surrounding me, clothed in liquid night.
Grey skies—steely cold—expound liquid ice, falling onto the
Pavement. I am reminded of the
Blackness of the
World I live in, surrounded by

Grey. If only for a night, my
Soul will belong to the light.
Black pools surrounding me—swirling on the
Pavement. Inky depths staining a once
White existence. Purity of the
World—gone—dead. Replaced by

 Black. Never let my
Soul sink into the dark passionless
White existence of day to day life. Dragging along
Pavement, monotonous—monochromatic
Grey souls—a dead

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