10 of 183

Day 10—First Pep Assembly of the Year

            Every year, there is an assembly specifically for spirit. Every year, the marching band, the cheer squad and the drill team never fail to gather and march through the hall, shouting or blowing through their instruments at the top of their lungs. Every year, they play the same songs, shout the same chants. Every year, the teachers sigh because the time they get to stuff information into the students’ minds is cut short to make room for an assembly, and the students cheer because it’s ten minutes less of the worst class of their lives.

            And every year, without fail, some poor kid screams because they weren’t expecting the noise. And every year, some people skip because they really don’t feel like dealing with noise.

            Nikolas doesn’t want to go. But Sadie and Rachel won’t let him because it’s their last one, and they don’t want to miss their chance at showing up the lower-classmen.

            Nikolas sighed.

            And wound up with a debilitating headache and a sore throat afterwards.

            There’re only so many times you can scream “Senior Power”, after all.

            Leonard hadn’t been to a spirit assembly since his sophomore year. After that, his little ragtag group of friends had started a band and gotten signed. Then there was a whirlwind life of tours, concerts and signings. Music awards and charity events. There was no time for high school.

            This was his first assembly, back at school, in his senior year. This was his last spirit assembly. No way was he missing this gorgeous opportunity to heckle the lower-classmen. Unfortunately, he forgot how loud the marching band and the cheer squad and the drill team were combined.

            He was the poor student who screamed in surprise.

            He had a feeling his class would never let him live it down.

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