Music reaches into the soul in the way normal poetry can’t.

Sing me to sleep.
Once I dreamed a dream
Where all that I heard
Was the thrumming of a rabbit’s heart:
A drumming noise inside my head
That starts only when you’re around.

Sing me to the sky,
Where the air is pure and
The water gives gifts of stones.
High above the buildings,
Troubles melt away,
And I, I can see
Inside your troubled heart.

Sing me to the stars,
A world filled with wisdom
And everybody knows
That in the end
Life is a Technicolor illusion.
But perhaps I enjoy living
In a strawberry-colored dream.

 Sing me to heaven—
Away from gloomy Sundays,
Where paradise is all that remains.
Forget about the stresses
Of common life—
Come with me and,
Starting now, we’ll be OK.

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