New World

What can I say? Sometimes I need a confidence boost.

“Fear for those who try to change,
Not for the constant, but for
The pioneers of the new world.
Demons crawl to those who fear not.
Inside the mind,
Your spirit flares and your
Heart spits against the oppression,
For caging the unclipped bird—caging
You—has never succeeded. You
Yourself are not one of the unchanged. You
Are the changed. The
Pure tablet, unmarked. 

Embrace the marks that
The humans thrust upon us from the
Darkness they stole from.
Inside evil,
Your spirit nestles,
Soul rendered grey,
For humanity has marked
You—marked us—for eternity.
Your self is not yet destroyed. You
Are one of the strong, one of the
Sacred young.

 Stand strong and look
Up to the stars. Straight ahead
And to your left is the future.
Face life without fear, and
The future will be your


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