May Glowers

Well hi.

It’s been a while (two days, about) since I last made a normal, uncategorized post, and I figured that the start of the month would be a great way to segue into it.

First of all, sorry to you nice followers for cluttering up your inboxes with emails about updating and all that. You have every right to delete them without looking at them. I’m really only trying to get this blog updated and running for right now. Trust me, there’s a lot of stuff.

Secondly, May. The fifth month of the year. The second to last month of the school year. The one month where every single test and project and competition and concert you may have hits you like a brick wall and you want to curl up in a corner and die. I do too.You are not alone.In fact, I am freaking out about May, but I won’t outline my schedule of the month to you potential readers.

So,  I offer you a few words of simple advice and encouragement:

  1. Slash down, not across
  2. Use a ligature
  3. Don’t try to drown yourself

And most importantly,

     4. Don’t lose sight of your future.

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