In Defiance of the Mores

I could rage and rant about many things, but instead I chose to channel the negativity into something creatively unproductive.

To those who
Have never taken a risk:
I believe you have
Never lived. Not without
Knowing—experiencing –the thrill.

Been there, done that—
Obedience is overrated, anyway.
Never broken a rule in your life?
Eh—you know that’s not true.
Some people live.
Some people take risks. 

I am one of those people.
Standing quietly for what I know.

 A silent non-conformist.

Tell me that what I do is not right.
Understand, though, that We, the
People, know more than you do.
I am one of the forever

Is a dangerous
Thing. But,
Come now.
How do you live without risks?


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