6 of 183

Day 6—Hanging Out With the Band

            “Where am I going?” Nikolas asked himself. He didn’t have anywhere to go, and he didn’t want to go. He fingered the edge of his bus pass thoughtfully. He could go to Wyndow again. But he didn’t feel like going alone, and he didn’t want to wait for a bus. He didn’t want to walk either.

            A body brushed by him and a strong hand caught his arm. He jerked in surprise. “Wh—“ He met the familiar green-eyed smile of a familiar onion-headed boy. “Oh, hi.”

            “Going somewhere?” Leonard asked.

            “Nowhere in particular. Maybe I’ll go to Art Club, or something,” he replied semi-absentmindedly.

            “Then you should come with me to Guitar Club,” Leonard suggested.

           “Sure. Why not.” He let Leonard guide him by the arm to the Music Wing of the school. He saw Sara, Henna, and Theo were already there, along with some other students who were chatting amongst themselves, and a lot of them had instruments, especially guitars. He recognized a few faces—Han, the incredibly tall Asian guy who was also incredibly chill; Martin, a redhead who was part of the large O’Connelly brood that inhabited the school; and the little blonde who was in his Creative Writing class.

            He threw his messenger bag uncaringly against the wall and claimed a seat for his own. Sara was absentmindedly tapping out a rhythm on the large drum set that dominated a corner of the room. Henna had gathered a crowd around her and the piano, and was singing an old song, accompanied by the high voice of the little blonde girl, who was sitting on the closed lid of the piano, and Han, who stroked harmonizing chords out of a guitar. Sara shifted her rhythm so that it meshed with the piano’s beat.

                        Wise men say

Only fools rush in.

                        But I can’t help

                        Falling in love

                        With you.

            Nikolas took a notebook out and doodled absentmindedly. He recognized the song, but he couldn’t remember the name. He half-whispered, half-sang the along with the rest of them.

                        Take my hand

                        And take my whole life, too.

                        ‘Cause I can’t help

                        Falling in love

                        With you.

            “What are you drawing?” Leonard had wandered over to where he was sitting. A twisted, gnarled tree was blossoming on the once-pristine paper.

            “What does it look like I’m drawing?” Nikolas snipped.

            “A tree.”

            “Very good.”

            A Goth girl took over the piano, and was playing something that sounded suspiciously like an Evanescence song.

            “What song is this?” Nikolas asked.

            “Um, something by Nightwish. ‘Angels Fall First’, I think,” Leonard told him.

            “I’m surprised you listen to that stuff,” Han commented. He had his feet propped up on a chair while he sat in another chair. “You seem more like the mainstream type to me.”

            “Eh. Not really. I like stuff that’s not auto-tuned.”

            “You have good tastes,” the little blonde girl piped in. “I’m Sue.”

            “Lenny. And the emo kid here is Nikki. What grade are you in?” Leonard grinned cheekily at her and slung a casual arm around Nikolas’ shoulders. Sue poked him in the cheek. “Oww, what was that for?” he complained.

            “I dunno. I just felt like doing it. And I can get away with it because I’m a freshman.”

            “I like you, kid,” Nikolas said. “You’ve got guts.” He ruffled her hair.

           Leonard kept his arm around Nikolas’ shoulders, forcing him to sway whenever Leonard swayed. Eventually, Nikolas pushed his arm off. Nikolas learned that Guitar Club was how musicians spent their days.

            He was so coming back.

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