“Pick your away across
A part of the silent gray world.

The quiet remains hushed as
Pieces of ash drift past.
Of all the sounds,
Your footsteps are outweighed by your
Heart, beating a gentle thump-thump.

 And you look down at your hands—
Let me go—Never let
Me go—
Peer down at your veins,
Inside your paper-thin skin.

Let the red moisture bead at your fingertip—Never let
Me go—Never let me go—
In the sea below,

Where only the crash of the waves—
Only the sifting of the sand—disturbs
Your silence.
Thoughts of your silent deed
Have swirled across your hands—
Been there—become your blood.

Let it map its trail down your wrist—Never let
Me go—Never let me go—
Occupy the hollow of
Your palm.
Mind turns to the light above 

As the edges begin to blur.
You feel yourself crashing to the ground below.
Do you regret taking away what was

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