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Day 1—The Announcement

The school year starts off with a bang. The cheerleaders welcome new students and returning students at the door with equally bubbly messages about spirit. The nervous freshmen look about, bright-eyed and enthusiastic. The rest of the students greet each other affectionately, as if they hadn’t been in contact with each other for years.

            Age-old cliques reformed into their circles, and their students chattered cheerfully in the weak morning sunlight streaming through the windows of their high school. Teachers stood discreetly at the edges of the conglomeration, holding steaming cups of coffee under their noses in preparation for the next few hectic weeks of lost students and schedule mix-ups. Summer catching-up and stories were traded at Mach-speed, and new rumors spread almost as quickly.

            There was a common theme among the rumors this year. It wasn’t just the run-of-the-mill, everyday humdrum that came with the ever-changing social structure of high school students. Texting fingers flew at a mile a minute, and mouths shaped words that caused girls to scream in excitement.

            The buzz in the air wasn’t just from the start of the school year. Something important was about to happen that would go down in Norman Irving Ballington High School history.

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