The Dread and the Horror with Summer Break in Between

Well, there’s apparently 38 days of school left and 2 1/2 months of summer before this IB blog kicks off for real.

I figured I might as well explain a few things.

1) IB
International hell, and the only serious relationship you’ll have for the next two years. Living up to the Asian portion of its reputation, International Baccalaureate runs a tight ship, micromanaging every little thing you do in school for the next two years. It is split into seven groups: 1-4 are the IB core classes, 5 is the IB language, 6 is the IB elective (which you can opt out of, though it is not reccomended), and 7 is TOK and whatever graduation requirement you might have. Additionally, every year, there is a mandatory 150 CAS hours that must be completed.

While no one knows what it stands for, PRISM is essentially a fancy moniker for what is called “Gifted K-8”. Theoretically, it ends when middle school ends, but because high schools have awful test scores and need to bump them up, the district has extended PRISM into high school, renaming it “Gifted High School”.

In “Gifted High School”, there is an even stricter IB schedule, as to make “Gifted High School” gifted, the administration bumped up IB by a year so that we start in sophomore (10th) year. It’s essentially the same schedule, but we get to relax in our last year of high school, with college courses for groups 1-4, an internship 6-7, and a free group 5 for whatever we’d like to do.

3) For more information and to have some fun:

Let’s enjoy life while we can.

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